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elcome to the natural abode of majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, the land of Hungry Tide . - By Mr. Amtabh Ghosh , a celebrated novelist - described that " it is a universe of mangrove forest where man & nature have a symbolic relationship " .
A World's Heritage Sight
Sundarban National Park is located in between 21° 432′ - 21° 55′ N latitude and between 88° 42′ - 89° 04′ E longitude. The average altitude of the park is 7.5 m above sea level.


Impenetrable mangrove forests, winding rivers, lush Sundari trees, somnambulant crocodiles, spotted deer, Sunderbans is all that and more. Peer into its soul and you will see Nature at its purest ...

This haunting land is ruled by primitive gods like the forest Goddess - ‘ Bono Bibi ’ , Monosha and Gazi Pir. Hindus, Muslims and Christians pray for harmony & safe lives to these Gods of yester years...

The prayer to the Goddess is harmoniously blended in a local folk saga known - ‘ Bono Bibi Yatra ’ which is perfmoded by the natives, which stand testimony to the communal harmony in the region establishing a link between man and animal.
The Sunset In Sunderban
2 Nights / 3 Days
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Where Man & Man Eater Lives Together

Rediscover The Natural Treasures

Ever thought of spending a whole day in the midst of mudclad Crocodiles, hopping Cheetals and majestic Royal Bengals !!! If not, then come to Sunderbans . A World Heritage Site ( Awarded by UNESCO in ’97 ) that evokes the feeling of an animal lover in you.

The Land Ruled By 300 Royals

The land that is inhabited by Royal Bengal Tigers is not far from Kolkata.  Some researchers believe that as high as 80% of the Royal Bengal Tigers are born Man-Eaters. Like the roar of a Tiger, the unknown wildlife that dwells in the heart of the forest grips you with a sense of awe. Above all, Sunderban is the king of all animals, the "Rare & Majestic Royal Bengal Tigers".
While cruising through the mangrove forests,you can sight main prey species of the tiger-Fishing Cats,  Axis Deer, Wild boar, Rhesus Macaque, Mongooses and the largest estuarine Crocodiles in the world.

Yes !!! In This largest delta and the largest estuarine national park in the world, you will be amazed at the sheer diversity and breathtaking beauty of this Tiger Reserve. The Sundarbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. The name Sundarban can be literally translated as "beautiful jungle" or "beautiful forest" in the Bengali language (Sundar, "beautiful" and ban, "forest" or "jungle"). The name may have been derived from the Sundari trees that are found in Sundarbans in large numbers.

A land of 54 tiny islands, crisscrossed by innumerable tributaries of Ganga, that was once infested by Arakanese and Portuguese pirates is now the abode of varied flora & fauna population. An area of 9630 sq. km., where 70 percent is under saline water makes the life of commoners, mostly honey-catchers, prawn-catchers and fishermen, very difficult. This is Sunderbans, the world’s largest estuarine forest.
How to get there :
Sunderban is accessible by air, rail and road via Kolkata. But, as the entire place is a network of river tributaries, you have to take motor boat ride to visit the remote areas of the park. We take you to the boarding points of the vessels ( Gadhkhali- The last motorable point ) by our own car. The boarding point is 105 kms from kolkata &  Approx traveling time is 03 Hrs from Kolkata. Then the road journey ends & cruise journey starts .

Close encounter with the wild :
At Sunderbans you can expect the thrills of a life time. Welcome to Sunderban !!!  The only mangrove forest in the world which is the home of Tigers.  Sunderban Tiger Reserve has the highest tiger population in the world. At Sunderbans you can expect the thrills of a life time. Experience the two-day river cruise with one night on board with your family and friends, While cruising by our luxury vessel through the narrow creeks flanked by dense mangrove forests all around .

Welcome to the natural abode of the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, The land of Hungry Tide.
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