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Making Of '' Goddess Durga '' - Kumartuli , The Potter's Hub
Kumoartuli  is a traditionally potter’s quarter in northern Kolkata . This potter’s hub, not only supplies clay idols of hindu gods and goddesses to  pujas in kolkata and its neighbourhoods, but a number of idols are exported.
It is one of the seven wonders in Kolkata. Kumortuli idols are generally be
ordered well in advance and there a few for off-the-shelf sale. Nowadays, kumortuli’s clientele has extended to all over the world,
among the indian communities living there.
Calender Of '' Durga Puja '' - October , 2019
Celebrations is All Around ::::
Durga Puja is solemnized as perhaps the most significant of all celebrations in West Bengal. This ritual is essentially the worshipping of Goddess Durga in the final moments of her victory over Asura- the Evil. The spirit and celebrations across the state and especially " Kolkata" around this week-long festivity is truly unparalleled in the country .People, adorned in new clothes and spirited with the fanfare and festive mood, hit the streets during the Puja days, ranging from Shashthi to Dashami.. Goddess durga is worshiped in pandal ( the temporary house of the godess, Durga) & so many ancestral houses over the decades. People are moving one pandals to another to have a look of aristic & innovatives taste of the aritist.
Durga Puja is undoubtedly the biggest festival for Hindus in West Bengal and Kolkata where people celebrate it with immense flavour and enthusiasm every year. To worship Maa Durga, hundreds of thousands of pandals are set-up across the state, and even Kolkata alone hosts more than two thousand pandals each year. Puja Parikrama (Pandal Hopping) remains the major attraction of the nights during the festival.
Durga Puja, is also a festivity of Good (Ma Durga) winning over the evil (mahishasur - the demon). It is a worship of power of Good which always wins over the bad. Below The Dates and Full calender of Durga Puja 2019. This year Durga Puja is scheduled to start on 03rd October, 2019 with the Panchami Puja and will end on 08th October, 2019.

03rd October 2019 - Panchami
04th October 2019 - Sashthi
05th October 2019 - Saptami
06th October 2019 - Aashtami
07th October 2019 - Navami
08th October 2019 - Vijaya Dashami ( Immersion Of Idols )
- The End Of
During Durgapuja, A To Z Travels, operates conducted tours to traditional pujas in heritage houses in the mornings and afternoons and to Puja Pandals ( Pandal hoppings- Puja Parikrama  ) through the Day & night.
Besides worshipping the Goddess, pandals are often set up to draw more and more people for their praise and admiration. Prizes too are won on the basis of the sheer decoration, design and grandeur of these pandals. The rituals of Durga puja celebrations also involve visiting from pandals to pandals in the city to seek divine blessings and relish the artistic beauty on the display.
Amid sparking lights all-round, people set out to visit the magnificently-decorated and charming pandals on every night to savour the vibrancy. Thousands pour onto the streets of Kolkata in groups of family and friends, visiting pandals after pandals and thus, prompting the traffic to go on a standstill. Puja Parikrama goes late into nights as a fair-like ambience swathes the whole city. Amid huge security-arrangements by the state, men and women, both enjoy the festival nights alongside walking from one corner of the city to another. Seeing such a crowd and so lit-up ambience, many fondly call this festival "the Rio Carnival" of the Eastern Hemisphere’ for its magnificence and opulence. In a nutshell, Durga Puja deserves to remain among the most-celebrated festivals of India.
Pandals Of Durga Puja
Durga Idol With Fiber Glass
Artistic Work By Cloth & Bamboo
Artistic Work By Fiber Glass
We also arrange Evening River cruise Tour to celebrate the closing ceremony of Grand festival,by luxury vessel on the day of immersion (Vijaya Dashami ) of the images of goddess Durga in the holy river Ganges .
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