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During Durgapuja, A To Z Travels, operates conducted tours to traditional pujas in heritage houses
in the mornings and afternoons and to Puja Pandals ( Pandal hoppings- Puja Parikrama ) through the Day & Night.
Beautiful Bengal
Tourism In West Bengal
The most important and the most popular of all Bengali festivals is the ‘Durga Puja’. Explore the city during Durga Puja - The annual autumnal ceremonial worship of the mother goddess, is one of the most important festivals of bengalis . The idols are worshipped for five days and then carried in magnificent procession to our holy river Ganges for immersion. It is celebrated throughout the state, but with great grandeur in Kolkata. There are some ancestral houses in Kolkata where Durga Puja is being observed over decades and even over centuries.
The oldest of these is the one observed at Barisha in the heritage house of Sabarna Chowdhurys. Roy Lakshmikanta Majumdar of this family sold the three parganas of Kalikata, Sutanuti and Gobindapur to the East India Company in lieu of one thousand three hundred rupees only. The Puja here, almost 400 years old, is a unique blend of Shakta and Vaishnava faiths.

Another very old Durgapuja is observed by the Duttas of Hathkhola. One section of this family celebrates Durgapuja at their house on Nimtolla Ghat street.

The present heirs of Chhatubabu and Latubabu observe Durgapujas in their ancestral house in North Kolkata.

, another ancient family of Kolkata hold two Durgapujas in their two houses, opposite each other.

Duttas of Thanthania
belong to a very ancient family that dates back to the eleventh century.

Durgapuja in Chundras’ House was started in their Thakur Dalan in 1877 by Ganesh Chundra, after whose name there is an important road. His grandson Nirmal Chundra became an eminent politician in the pre-independence days.

Durgapuja in the house of Mitras of Darjipara also bears a tradition. Off Chittaranjan Avenue, the house is behind Chhatubabu-Latubabus’ residence.

Rani Rasmoni
was a noble lady of rare courage and individuality in 19th Century Bengal. She spend quite a lot for stopping foreign steamers sailing on the Ganga in order to allow the local fishermen to fish in the River Ganga.

The images in all these houses have characteristics of their own. And the mode of worship as well as rituals attached with it vary from family to family.
During Durga Puja, every locality in Kolkata has one or more puja. For the four or five festive days, pandals (the Temporary House Of Goddess ) are erected in the open places, decorated and illuminated with great care and imagination, that the whole city looks like one great festival site is mostly due to these Puja pandals .
Amidst huge security-arrangements by the state, men and women, both enjoy the festival nights alongside walking from one corner of the city to another. Seeing such a crowd and so lit-up ambience, many fondly call this festival "the Rio Carnival" of the Eastern Hemisphere’ for its magnificence and opulence. In a nutshell, Durga Puja deserves to remain among the most-celebrated festivals of India.
See the rituals of Traditional Durga Pujas being still worshipped by some of the Elite Families (400 yrs old puja) and the magnificient creative art work for pandals, magnificient lightwork - throught the 'City of Joy' ............. Calcutta
There are literally thousands of Kolkata Durga Puja pandals, but some stand out more than others, as a result of their captivating decorations. Every year they compete to outdo each other with the most elaborate and innovative themes. Here are some famous pandals that are really worth seeing. Unfortunately, it's impossible to list all the popular ones because there are so many.

The easiest way to visit the pandals is to take a Durga Puja Festival Tour.
Some Traditional Durga Pujas
Top 10 Durga Pujas
Special Interest Tour
1. Bagbazar Sarbojonin
2. Kumartuli Park
3. College Square
4. Mohammad Ali Park
5. Santosh Mitra Square
6. Badamtala Ashar Sangha
7. Suruchi Sangha
8. Ekdalia Evergreen
9. Bosepukur Sitala Mandir
10. Jodhpur Park
NB - The above name list may vary year to year.
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>>   Darjeeling Hills
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>>   Kolkata
We also arrange Evening River cruise Tour to celebrate the closing ceremony of Grand festival,by luxury vessel
on the day of immersion (Vijaya Dashami ) of the images of goddess Durga in the holy river Ganges .
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